These are some of the questions that our friends asked when we told them of our grand plan. 

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please contact us and we''ll do all we can to help.

How many big heads are there?

Well, we don't know for sure. But we do know that some time ago experts thought that 10% of the population had what we call big heads. Since then people have become even taller and larger! So don't worry, you're in good company; there are quite literally millions of us out there!

How big is my head?

Click here for sizing information.

When you say your hats are bigger, what exactly do you mean?

Our hats aren't just made with a bigger circumference, they're deeper too. This means our hats are more comfortable to wear.

Who designs the Max-Caps?

The caps are fairly straightforward as you can imagine, just with a lot more material than normal. The hats are a different matter altogether. Luckily we have some very talented designers who happen to have big heads themselves!

Will you extend the range?

We hope so. Really it depends on how things go. Rest assured we've got some wicked ideas under our hats, and if you have any suggestions let us know; we can, as they say, come to some arrangement.

What happens if I don't want the hat you sent me?

Don't worry. See our returns policy. Click here for information on how to order.

How long will it take to get my hats?

Certainly most orders will be processed within 5 working days, however we'll do our best to get your order out pretty much as soon as we get it. E-mail us if you are in a real hurry.

How do I wash my new hat?

We recommend that you hand wash our hats in order to keep them in tip top condition.  Allow them to dry naturally on a rack. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

Do you sell hats anywhere else?

Yes. We do the occasional fair and big event. Keep an eye on the website for details of our next outing.

How do we contact you?

Any correspondence to Max-Cap Ltd at 
Address: 10 Peregrine Way, London, SW19 4RN

email: largehats@max-cap.co.uk

Is the credit card transaction safe?

Security is probably a big concern for you during an online transaction. In reality an online transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop, as the information transmitted online is highly encrypted using complicated logarithm combinations. 

We use the Shopify payment system which uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data. Your details are encapsulated using an encrypted and digitally-signed protocol. You are also protected from fraudulent use of your card in a "card not present" environment, by your card issuer. Your card issuer provides the right for you to dispute a transaction if the hats/caps did not arrive or if the card was used fraudulently.

UK shipping £3.50, International £7.00 per order.